Trauma & Attachment

The experience of trauma and attachment wounding can create a sense of fragmentation, emptiness and loss of connection, both within and in relationships, leading to harmful cycles of interpersonal experiences where needs remain unmet. This can reinforce the often held underlying self-damaging beliefs of not being enough, of being unlovable, or unworthy and at fault for what has happened. The underlying pain of aloneness, of not belonging, of feeling unseen and unheard can persist even where there may be considerable achievements in some aspects of life, leading to yet further despair. Often people come to believe that their trauma responses are ‘who they are’ not realising the innate potential we have to heal and how trauma therapy can support this to be catalysed.

Anxiety, Depression, PTSD

Anxiety, depression and Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are considered ‘common’ mental health issues and can vary from being ‘mild’ to very debilitating. These issues can commonly be experienced alongside other mental health problems. Read more in my blog articles on anxiety, depression and PTSD.

Domestic Violence and Abuse

Reaching out for help when you are in or have been in an abusive or narcissistic relationship can feel really daunting. Specialist help and support in this can be essential to maintaining safety while enabling you to free yourself from any patterns that might be trapping you in cycles of abuse or repetitive abusive relationships.

Cancer & Life Limiting Illness

Cancer doesn’t just end with the treatment. For many people who go through cancer it is about learning to live with the diagnosis and the effects of cancer treatment. Living with an illness that has ongoing symptoms or is at risk of returning is often misunderstood by those closest, who often simply want people to ‘be positive’, leaving a greater sense of loneliness and isolation when it isn’t always that simple. Cancer and life limiting illness can be traumatic and affect every area of our lives and affect us psychologically, spiritually, emotionally, physically and render us questioning identity, meaning and purpose. I have over two decades of working in oncology and palliative care and have worked with all those affected by cancer.

Grief & Loss

Despite grief and loss being an inevitable part of life it does not lessen our pain of when it happens. There are times when we can become crippled by the excruciating and unrelenting pain of loss and grief which often brings rise to a sense of aloneness. Sometimes we can become ‘stuck’ in our grief which can affect how we connect with others and our day to day living. Reaching out and getting help with processing grief can support us to learn to live with the loss while allowing us to re-engage with our lives and live once again more fully.

Relationships - Separation and Divorce 'Coaching'

Having trained as a family mediator, I now work therapeutically with couples when a relationship has broken down to separate consciously and ‘therapeutically’. Although often a painful time in life, working through a separation mindfully and if possible together can provide enormous longer term benefits individually, as well supportive of establishing an ongoing successful parenting relationship essential for your own and your children’s wellbeing.