Services for Individuals

Online & In Person

Deep Brain Reorienting (DBR) and EMDR can be undertaken online, and in person.  To date, research shows online therapy can be more effective while often proving to be more convenient and accessible.  I have provided psychological services nationally and internationally for many years with the vast majority now undertaken online.  

Online sessions allow you to enjoy all of the benefits of in-person therapy while you enjoy the comfort of your own home. 

I have provided psychological services nationally and internationally for many years with the vast majority now undertaken online. 

Individual & Couples

All sessions, whether for individuals, couples or groups are tailored to your specific needs.  I offer a range of trauma specific therapeutic approaches including DBR and EMDR to enable you to heal, thrive and flourish!

Couple work is more suitable where the issues being addressed concerns your relationship. 

I have practiced as a family mediator in the past and have offered therapeutic mediation to support couples to separate ‘consciously’ with the aim of reducing the often very painful effects and aftereffects of relationship breakdown. 

Self Help Programmes

Supporting more people to Heal, Thrive and Flourish! 

Keep in touch for updates on self help programmes. 

Group Programmes

Group programmes are only offered online.  Groups are typically offered in 8 week ‘blocks’ and focus upon different aspects of personal healing and growth. 

  •  We Will Thrive            Discover your own power and potential following  separation from an abusive or narcissistic relationship
  • Heal, Thrive & Flourish Empowering you to make transformative shifts in all areas of your life 
  •  Caring Connections    A therapeutic support group for those that are caring for loved one’s who are living with life limiting conditions such as cancer and motor neurone disease
  • Hopeful Hearts            A bereavement support group – including for those bereaved through perinatal, child and sudden, traumatic losses 


Maxine has helped me to overcome insomnia and work related performance issues. I now have confidence and belief in myself and my relationships have also significantly improved. I never thought that this could be possible and could not be more grateful to Maxine for her expertise and skill.
Toby L
As a result of my work with Maxine I have resolved long standing issues relating to trauma, attachment and now have a sense of belonging and connection with my 'Self' and others and no longer feel alone. I feel as if I am for the first time, truly living in my own body and am living my life fully with a sense of purpose and meaning. I’m grateful that I found her when I did and I highly recommend her!
Sally N
I felt completely comfortable opening up to Maxine about issues that I have never spoken about before. I have felt really safe - I have overcome anxiety and flashbacks and am now able to sleep through the night. I have really enjoyed my work with Maxine, it has been collaborative and empowering.
Josiah K