"From little seeds grow mighty trees
and flowers to nourish our soul"

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I have provided psychological services nationally and internationally for many years with the vast majority now undertaken online.  

Research shows online therapy can be more effective while often proving to be more convenient and accessible. 

Online sessions allow you to enjoy all of the benefits of in-person therapy while you enjoy the comfort of your own home. 

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All sessions, whether for individuals, couples or groups are tailored to your specific needs.  I offer a range of therapeutic approaches to enable you to heal, thrive and flourish!

Couple work is more suitable where the issues being addressed concerns your relationship. 

I have practiced as a family mediator in the past and have offered therapeutic mediation to support couples to separate ‘consciously’ with the aim of reducing the often very painful effects and aftereffects of relationship breakdown. 

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My aim is to support as many people to Heal, Thrive and Flourish! 

To support you along your journey please keep in touch for updates on self help programmes. 

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Group programmes are only offered online.  I offer a selection of different online groups which are typically offered in 8 week ‘blocks’.  The programmes are designed to support you in different areas of personal healing and growth. 

  •  We Will Thrive            Discover your own power and potential following  separation from an abusive or narcissistic relationship
  • Heal, Thrive & Flourish Empowering you to make transformative shifts in all areas of your life 
  •  Caring Connections    A therapeutic support group for those that are caring for loved one’s who are living with life limiting conditions such as cancer and motor neurone disease
  • Hopeful Hearts            A therapeutic support group for those who have been bereaved – including those who have experienced perinatal, sudden and traumatic losses 
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Professional consultative supervision is essential for providing you with regular opportunities for in-depth reflection upon all aspects of practice to support effective, safe and ethical practice.

Supervision also sustains  personal resourcefulness and creativity required to undertake our work.

I provide supervision to individuals and groups from a wide range of profession backgrounds, including specialist nurses, medical consultants, complementary health professionals, social workers, counsellors and psychotherapists. 

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EMDR Consultant lead supervision is a requirement for working toward EMDR Europe Practitioner and Consultant status and more generally supports practice development to those not wishing to pursue accreditation.

If you practice EMDR and require EMDR Supervision, I provide EMDR Consultant Supervision to individuals and groups both Nationally and Internationally.

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Bespoke one to one coaching to address the challenges you are facing. Topics might include:

  • assertiveness
  • presentation skills
  • public speaking
  • managing conflict
  • personal effectiveness
  • performance enhancement
It’s vital to get the most from your sessions and reap the rewards of your self investment. We will begin with a free consultation to explore your needs, and I will be with you every step of the way to support, motivate and inspire. 
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As an experienced trainer and former lecturer, I am able to customise training to suit your organisation needs.  

Trainings and workshops I have developed and delivered include:

  • mental health
  • stress, resilience and wellbeing
  • conflict resolution
  • family violence
  • trauma 
  • complex bereavement and loss
  • working creatively: expressive approaches, writing and sand play

Contact me to explore your specific requirements.

Treatment Specialties

Trauma & Attachment

The experience of trauma and attachment wounding can create a sense of fragmentation, emptiness and loss of connection, both within and in relationships, leading to harmful cycles of interpersonal experiences where needs remain unmet. This can reinforce the often held underlying self-damaging beliefs of not being enough, of being unlovable, or unworthy and at fault for what has happened. The underlying pain of aloneness, of not belonging, of feeling unseen and unheard can persist even where there may be considerable achievements in some aspects of life, leading to yet further despair. Often people come to believe that their trauma responses are 'who they are' not realising the innate potential we have to heal and how trauma therapy can support this to be catalysed.

Anxiety, Depression, PTSD

Anxiety, depression and Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are considered 'common' mental health issues and can vary from being 'mild' to very debilitating. These issues can commonly be experienced alongside other mental health problems.
Read more in my blog articles on anxiety, depression and PTSD.

Domestic Violence and Abuse

Reaching out for help when you are in or have been in an abusive or narcissistic relationship can feel really daunting. Specialist help and support in this can be essential to maintaining safety while enabling you to free yourself from any patterns that might be trapping you in cycles of abuse or repetitive abusive relationships.

Cancer & Life Limiting Illness

Cancer doesn't just end with the treatment. For many people who go through cancer it is about learning to live with the diagnosis and the effects of cancer treatment. Living with an illness that has ongoing symptoms or is at risk of returning is often misunderstood by those closest, who often simply want people to 'be positive', leaving a greater sense of loneliness and isolation when it isn't always that simple. Cancer and life limiting illness can be traumatic and affect every area of our lives and affect us psychologically, spiritually, emotionally, physically and render us questioning identity, meaning and purpose. I have over two decades of working in oncology and palliative care and have worked with all those affected by cancer.

Grief & Loss

Despite grief and loss being an inevitable part of life it does not lessen our pain of when it happens. There are times when we can become crippled by the excruciating and unrelenting pain of loss and grief which often brings rise to a sense of aloneness. Sometimes we can become 'stuck' in our grief which can affect how we connect with others and our day to day living. Reaching out and getting help with processing grief can support us to learn to live with the loss while allowing us to re-engage with our lives and live once again more fully.

Relationships - Separation and Divorce 'Coaching'

Having trained as a family mediator, I now work therapeutically with couples when a relationship has broken down to separate consciously and 'therapeutically'. Although often a painful time in life, working through a separation mindfully and if possible together can provide enormous longer term benefits individually, as well supportive of establishing an ongoing successful parenting relationship essential for your own and your children's wellbeing.

Common Questions

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Often, people come to therapy when our ways of being that once seemed to support, are breaking down or have already led to other problems. Overworking or perpetual busyness, addictions, repeated relationships that turn out to be unhealthy, all disable our capacity to tend to our wellbeing, a loud inner critic may wield control and drive us to continue to believe that if we ‘try harder’, ‘work harder’, ‘be more perfect’ that we will feel OK.  We may be questioning the meaning or purpose in life, not feeling connection to others, nor experiencing any joy or inner peace: depression, anxiety or physical health issues may have developed as a consequence.

In the past, we may have needed to adapt within our families, schools or environments to ‘belong’ or ‘fit in’ or learned ‘to please others’ or ‘to not feel’ to have any hope of being loved, accepted or even to feel safe, and as a result we may have lost our connection with a sense of who we really are, and our true potential. One of the most important aims of therapy is to learn how to rebuild our connection with our ‘Self’ so that we can fully accept ourselves, become our own best friend: one who cares for, loves and encourages us to re-member who we really are and to be the best version of who we want to become.

Therapy supports a process whereby we can transform the issues that have brought us to therapy in the first place.  

We can learn kindness and acceptance for who and how we are, discovering our real values and develop willingness to listen and respond to our true calling. Healing the roots of the issues that have become manifest and hindered our connection to our true essence enables us to step into relationship with our self and others authentically and into the world more resolute. A sense of meaning and purpose can be renewed, we might experience a sense of inner alignment, achieve more balance between being and doing, and harmony between learning, growth and self-mastery inspired.

Sessions are 55 mins in duration unless otherwise agreed.

There are times in therapy where we need to explore difficult or painful things. Turning towards what is or has been painful can be counterintuitive as we are ‘wired’ to turn away from both physical and emotional pain, but the purpose of undertaking deep work is to transform it so that it is no longer painful nor continuing to affect you in the present.

It is important to remember too, that often in the past we have felt alone in our pain, and in therapy we work together to support deep healing and transformational change.

These terms are often used interchangeably in the UK.  Psychotherapy might offer a more in-depth approach and the time involved might be longer.  Both counsellors and psychotherapists undertake core training and many, as I have have continued to further and develop their skills by their commitment to their ongoing learning.

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Psychotherapy and counselling can work with a wide range of issues affecting your life.  This could include specific mental health issues such as anxiety or PTSD, or on issues like improving confidence or self-worth or overcoming aloneness or loss of meaning and purpose, to dealing with relationship abuse, breakdown or bereavement, or on long standing unresolved childhood issues, counselling and psychotherapy can help!

If you are willing to look at yourself, your life, your relationships openly and honestly, able to invest time and commitment for change and can accept that the process isn’t always easy but the rewards can literally be life changing, then therapy will be a suitable option for you to explore. 

There are a number of considerations in choosing a therapist that is right for you. 

Feeling as if you can trust and get along with your therapist is now proven to predict therapy effectiveness – over and above the actual approach used.

I have many years experience of supporting clients with compassion and care and am committed to creating high standards – furthermore, I really love my work!

Important questions to ask yourself in looking for a therapist can include:

  • Do you feel as if you can build a  working relationship with your therapist?
  • Does the therapist have experience on the matters that you wish to address? 
  • Does your therapist work with an approach that will be efficient and effective for the concerns that you want to address?  

These are some initial questions to consider – but see my blog post to find out more!

Therapy needs can vary from a few sessions to months, and potentially into years, depending on individual needs and complexity.  

It is important to remember too that some trauma based approaches such as EMDR and DBR can be very efficient and relatively ‘fast acting’ compared to traditional methods.  Ultimately therapy needs to be paced in such a way that you can manage. 

It can also be very difficult to be precise about how many sessions ‘you’ will need – and this is best explored following an initial consultation. 

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Therapy sessions are normally agreed for a specific time and day to be held weekly. 

On occasion, fortnightly or even twice weekly might be indicated, but this is usually during particular phases of the work as opposed to a routine arrangement.

The majority of my sessions are conducted remotely via a virtual platform such as Zoom.

In person appointments are at premises in Yealmpton, Devon UK

Sessions are held in a confidential environment and are subject to standard legal exceptions.  These will be outlined clearly so that you are aware of the specific circumstances. 

Should there be a need to break confidentiality, this will where possible be discussed with you in the first instance.  It is much rarer for confidentiality to be broken without prior consultation. 


Please use the contact form to request an initial appointment.  Session times and days are discussed and agreed at our initial meeting.  Sessions are then typically held weekly on the same day and time. 

I will forward you a meeting link in advance of the weekly session.

I do work with some insurance providers.  

Please do inquire using the contact form to ask about your specific insurer.